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Research Associate - Antiviral Immunity

University of Cambridge, Cambridgee, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 27 Oct 2019

A postdoctoral position is available in the group of Dr. Yorgo Modis in the Department of Medicine Molecular Immunity Unit at the University of Cambridge to study cellular mechanisms of viral gene sensing and silencing. This post is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The group is seeking a highly motivated research scientist to study some of their most important antiviral innate immune defense mechanisms using a combination of cryoEM, X-ray crystallography, biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays.

Candidates must have a PhD in the biological, biochemical or biomedical sciences, and relevant research experience in protein biochemistry and macromolecular structure determination. Candidates must have at least one first-author research article accepted for publication in a major peer-reviewed journal. Experience in large-scale protein expression and purification with eukaryotic expression systems; in cryoEM tomography; or in focused ion beam milling is desirable.

The overall goal of the Modis group's research is to understand at the molecular level how cells recognize viral nucleic acids and respond with the necessary sensitivity and specificity. Our key research questions are: How does the cell distinguish between viral and cellular RNA? How does viral RNA recognition generate an immune response? And how is integrated viral DNA recognized and silenced? We integrate deep mechanistic insights from structural studies with functional validation in the cellular context. Our work will allow us to identify new therapeutic strategies.

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Cambridgee, United Kingdom

Research Associate - Antiviral Immunity