Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoctoral Scientist in Structural and Stem Cell Biology

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 01 Mar 2019

WeatherallInstitute of Molecular Medicine (University of Oxford, UK) offers an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated and talented Postdoctoral Scientist specialized in structural biology to join a research project on a multiprotein complex involved in the transcriptional regulation of blood stem cell development in normal and malignant conditions. It will employ molecular, biochemical, biophysical and cryo-EM studies. This high impact study will provide essential details for a mechanistic understanding of the transcriptional activities of this blood stem cell-specific complex.

Prior experience in cryo-EM or/and X-ray crystallography is desirable. Successful candidate will be familiar with transcription regulation field, have broad experience in structural biology, strong knowledge of biophysical methods, protein co-expression and purification of protein complexes.

This exciting project, at the forefront of its field, will be co-surpervised by Prof. Catherine Porcher and Dr. Denis Ptchelkine

To apply please follow this link

Application deadline: 1st March 2019