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Postdoctoral Position Structural Biology and Vaccine

Seattle, United States
Application deadline: 01 Mar 2019

A Postdoc Position in Structural Biology for Vaccine Design is available at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.


  • Perform recombinant protein expression (coli, insect cells, mammalian cells) and purification including affinity purification, ion exchange and FPL
  • Determine X-ray crystal structures of the proteins/antibodies complexes
  • Use Electron Microscopy for screening purposes (negative stain) and single particle cryoEM to determine the molecular structures of antigen-antibody complexes
  • Use of biophysical methods such as ITC and Bio Layer interferometry/SPR or ELISA
  • Initiate and carry out scientific projects under the supervision of Dr. Pancera
  • Develop and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the scientific literature relating to the research topics.
  • Conduct and publish research in HIV structural biology


PhD in Structural Biology, Protein Chemistry, Biochemistry or a related field is required with significant expertise in X-ray protein crystallography. Candidates with backgrounds in areas such as protein biochemistry, and vaccine development are strongly encouraged to apply. On-hands experience with diverse aspects of Molecular Biology is required. Experience in X-ray crystallography including up-to-date knowledge of relevant programs including CCP4, and Phenix packages, protein purification, protein characterization, and a strong publication history are strongly desired. Knowledge of cryoEM is not required but desirable. Additional expertise with tissue culture and immunological assays is a plus.

The candidate must be a ‘risk taker’, show initiative, willingness to take up new skills and responsibilities, and be a team player. Excellent attention to details and the ability to work independently are essential to success in this position, as are good communication and organizational skills. The candidate must be self-motivated, able to multitask and to work within a very collaborative environment. Salary will be commensurate with (appropriate) experience.

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Seattle, United States

Postdoctoral Position Structural Biology and Vaccine