Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoctoral Position at the University of California San Francisco

University of California San Francisco, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 07 Sep 2013

Postdoctoral Position Available
Laboratory of Robert Stroud
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
University of California San Francisco, USA
Structural Biology
The Stroud Laboratory seeks a postdoctoral fellow to pursue the structural characterization of integral membrane proteins critical to metabolism in cancer. The successful candidate will work with top-tier biological collaborators and forefront technologies.
Experience with expression in eukaryotic cells.
The successful candidate will have the opportunity to:
1. Express biologically relevant integral membrane proteins in a variety of systems (mammalian, insect, yeast, bacterial)
2. Purify target membrane proteins to homogeneity
3. Crystallize and determine the macromolecular structure of these proteins, both alone and, where applicable, in complex with their ligand(s)
START DATE: Immediately
1. Experience in the expression of eukaryotic proteins using eukaryotic systems
2. Some experience in protein purification and biochemical characterization
3. A desire to learn about membrane protein biochemistry and macromolecular protein crystallography.
Please send (1) your CV, (2) your resume, describing your relevant skills, and (3) a list of three references to: