Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoctoral Position

Siena, Italy
Application deadline: 17 Jun 2013

The Structural Biology Unit at Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics (NVD), Siena, Italy, is seeking a candidate for a 2-year post-doctoral project opportunity. The SB team is comprised of about 10 members (5 full-time staff plus PhD students and Undergraduates), with key expertise in Protein Biochemistry, Molecular Modelling, Electron Microscopy, and X-ray Crystallography. The SB team has a strong track record of publications describing innovative research aimed at the design and development of novel protein-based vaccines against bacterial pathogens that cause infectious disease (please see examples below). We believe this provides a solid platform to perform publishable post-doctoral research in a stimulating environment of Applied Science.

Based in the heart of Tuscany, NVD - the fifth largest vaccine producer worldwide - is a research-oriented company that has developed a wide network of international academic collaborations, sharing its findings with the global scientific community. At NVD Siena, funding for Individual ("Marie Curie") post-doctoral EU Fellowships has been successfully obtained on several previous occasions. For the 2013 EU FP7 People Call, we are formulating what we hope will be another winning scientific research project proposal. We are seeking an excellent candidate with whom to develop and submit this application.

The primary project goal is the structure-based design and optimization of a novel protein antigen for use in a vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus. The emergence of S. aureus as one of the most important pathogens causing morbidity and mortality in humans, and the rapid acquisition of antibiotic resistance, underlies the increasing need for a preventive staphylococcal vaccine. The core of the project involves protein biochemistry and structural biology (X-ray crystallography and/or Electron Microscopy), and these would be the most desirable core skills in potential applicants. The research proposal also has a multi-disciplinary flavour and will provide development opportunities for the candidate to gain experience in immunology and vaccine design, at the forefront of Research and Development.

Eligibility: the candidate should be an experienced researcher (holds a PhD or >4 yrs post-graduate experience), can be from within or beyond the EU but should not have lived in Italy for >12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the application deadline (August 14^th, 2013).

Informal enquiries for further details can be made to: