Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoctoral Position

Stockholm, Sweden
Application deadline: 26 Feb 2014

Open Post-doc positions in Structural Immunology with a focus on enhanced TCR recognition of MHC molecules at the Science for Life Laboratory  in Stockholm,Sweden.
We are currently seeking for two highly motivated and multi-talented post-doctoral fellows to work on a collaborative project in the Achour laboratory within SciLifeLab ( This is an ideal position for a post-doc who is looking to bolster experience and/or publication record for several years before moving to a faculty position.
The selected post-doctoral fellow(s) will focus on determining the three-dimensional structures of T cell receptors in complex with MHC class I or class II, presenting wild-type and altered versions of epitopes related to autoimmune and/or cancerdiseases. The overall aim of the project is to establish and understand the mechanisms underlying enhanced TCR recognition of infected and/or cancer cells, as well as to provide a structural basis for the induction of autoimmune responses.
More information about the Achour group can be found in The positions are available from the beginning of April 2014, and will remain open until filled. The initial appointment is for 1 year. Consideration of applications starts when this advertisement appears.