Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoctoral Position

Cancer Research UK, Chelsea, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 29 Nov 2013

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Alessandro Vannini, within the Division of Structural Biology at The Institute of Cancer Research in Chelsea, London, UK. We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a strong interest in structural characterization of multi-subunit macromolecular complexes. We currently employ single particle electron microscopy analysis and X-ray crystallography, as well as biochemical and biophysical analysis, to elucidate the role of the RNA Polymerase III and associated factors in cancer development. 

Applicants should possess a PhD (or equivalent) in biochemistry or molecular biology and a sound knowledge in production and purification of macromolecular complexes for structural biology analysis. Previous experience with purification of multi-subunit complexes and/or biochemistry of protein-nucleic acid complexes would be beneficial. 

Previous experience in protein crystallography and/or single particle electron microscopy would be desirable.