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Post-doctoral position at EMBL Grenoble to work on ESRF beamline MASSIF-1

EMBL Grenoble, Grenoble, France
Application deadline: 15 Dec 2019

EMBL Grenoble is looking for a post-doctoral scientist to play a key role in the exploitation of the planned upgraded MASSIF-1 beam line at the ESRF with a focus on the development of innovative approaches to automated crystallography and ligand screening. EMBL and ESRF have pioneered fully automated diffraction data collection on MASSIF 1 and the EBS associated upgrade of the beamline will provide a more brilliant beam and new experimental capabilities. The Marquez Team has developed automated pipelines for crystallographic fragment screening based on the CrystalDirect technology and the CRIMS software that they apply to study targets of biotechnological and biomedical relevance. This Team also operates the High Throughput Crystallization Facility (HTX Lab) providing access to fully automated, remote controlled crystallography pipelines. The successful candidate will be jointly associated with the Marquez and McCarthy teams and will work with the EMBL instrumentation and the ESRF Structural Biology Group on projects related to MASSIF-1 including the integration of the CrystalDirect technology directly on the beamline.

The ESRF are looking for a highly motivated scientist with extensive experience in protein crystallography and a strong interest in methods development. The postdoc will cooperate with the MASSIF-1 beamline Scientist and the HTX lab Team towards the design, construction and operation of the upgraded MASSIF-1 beamline with a focus on expanding its capabilities to support automated fragment screening and crystallography pipelines. The postdoc will also contribute towards the development of new methods exploiting the unique experimental opportunities provided by the integration of the CrystalDirect technology in a beamline environment. Moreover, the postdoc will participate in research projects involving fragment screening and development of chemical tools on targets of biomedical relevance. Experience in the operation of synchrotron beamlines will be highly appreciated as well as experience in the analysis of small molecule protein interactions. The postdoc should be able to work both independently and collaboratively with other group members and external collaborators.

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Grenoble, France

Post-doctoral position at EMBL Grenoble to work on ESRF beamline MASSIF-1