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PhD Studentship Position

University of Auckland, Auckland NEW ZEALAND posted from, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 21 Feb 2014

Our Breeding & Genomics portfolio is structured around a product development pipeline with outputs including new proprietary plant varieties. 
Within our Early Plant Development Team, this PhD Studentship offers an outstanding opportunity to work with our collaborators at the University of Auckland on a project forming part of a Discovery Science programme "Strigolactone signalling".  The PhD project will focus on understanding the protein complexes involved in the reception of the plant hormone strigolactone.
Candidates will have a relevant undergraduate degree in biochemistry, molecular biology or structural biology, and a background and interest in molecular biology and/or homone signal transduction.  Skills and knowledge in structural biology would be highly advantageous.  It is important that candidates be able to fulfil the requirements for initial and continued enrolment in the PhD programme with the University of Auckland, including a minimum B+ grade average for a Masters or undergraduate honours qualification (with a research project)