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PhD research position - Structural Biology, Biochemistry

Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica, Oeiras, Portugal
Application deadline: 01 Mar 2019

Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB NOVA) have a call for a PhD researcher (contract up to 3 years) to work in a multidisciplinary project at the interface of Structural Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology?

The project aims at the structural and functional characterization of mycobacterial membrane enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of cell wall components using a combined approach of X-ray
Crystallography and cryo- Electron Microscopy. It will also involve activity assays to provide insights into the reaction mechanism of these glycosyltransferases, synthesis of chemical compounds that may inhibit these enzymes, virtual screens, docking and molecular simulations. This project is developed in close collaboration with Filippo Mancia, Columbia University, NY, USA.

To learn more about this project please send an email to Margarida Archer (

Academic Qualifications: PhD in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry or Structural Biology.

General admission requirements:

1) PhD in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry or Structural Biology;

2) Co-authorship in scientific articles;

3) Proficiency in English, written and spoken.

Specific admission requirements:

1) Experience in molecular biology tools, protein production and biophysical characterization;

2) Experience in X-ray Crystallography or cryo-Electron Microscopy;

3) Experience in supervision of students;


4) Experience in writing articles and managing scientific projects

Submission deadline for application: 1st March 2019 at 5pm GMT

Documents required in the application:

Detailled Curriculum vitae;

Motivation Letter;

Contact of two references;

PhD certificate

All documents must be sent as a single PDF file by email to indication reference 30421-07-2018-FCT in the subject line.

Oeiras, Portugal

PhD research position - Structural Biology, Biochemistry