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Group Leader: X-ray imaging of biological samples

EMBL Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Application deadline: 13 Aug 2020

EMBL Hamburg are seeking to recruit a group leader to develop X-ray imaging applications in the life sciences towards a future user facility.

EMBL Hamburg has pioneered the use of synchrotron radiation in the Life Sciences and has provided service facilities for the use of X-rays in Structural Biology for decades on the DESY campus, Hamburg, Germany. At present, the EMBL Integrated Facility for Structural Biology provides access to structure determination pipelines employing crystallography and/or small-angle X-ray scattering to a large international user community.

EMBL’s future scientific directions, Molecules to Ecosystems, include a vision to advance our understanding of ecosystems at the molecular level, applying expertise in molecular biology to study life in its natural context. New research areas will focus on applying experimental, computational and theoretical approaches to study at multiple levels (molecules, cells, tissues and populations) how organisms interact with each other and respond to environmental change.

Inspired by ground-breaking experiments in the field of X-ray imaging of biological samples, scientists from EMBL have recently started to explore the possibilities of making high-energy X-ray imaging accessible to a wider biological scientific community. Here, we are looking for a candidate with the ability to expand the research and service portfolio of the EMBL Hamburg Unit into X-ray imaging applications. While the current synchrotron PETRA III already provides excellent conditions, the planned upgrade of the on-site synchrotron ring in Hamburg to PETRA IV will open unprecedented new opportunities for X-ray imaging as well.

Your role

  • Establish an independent and innovative research program towards new approaches in X-ray imaging of biological samples, encompassing experimental, technical or computational developments.
  • Facilitate experiments in X-ray based and correlative imaging of biological materials, ranging from cells to organoids, organs and organisms, using existing facilities at EMBL and other relevant research infrastructures.
  • Develop concepts for a future integrated user facility for biological X-ray imaging; participation in the overall planning for facilities at the future PETRA IV synchrotron.

You have

  • A PhD in a relevant research area.
  • Profound expertise and track record in X-ray based imaging of biological material, with a particular interest in methodological developments. Additional expertise in correlate imaging approaches would be advantageous.
  • Strong motivation to work at highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment of EMBL.
  • A concise research plan with clearly outlined, original and ambitious research goals.

Applications close on 13 August 2020, with interviews to be held 15 - 16 September 2020.

More information, including how to apply for this role, can be found on the EMBL website.

Hamburg, Germany

Group Leader: X-ray imaging of biological samples