Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Director, Structural Biology

OMass Therapeutics, Oxford, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 04 Apr 2020

OMass Therapeutics is an early stage drug discovery company specialised in applying state of
the art biophysical platform technologies to discover therapies for severe unmet medical
needs in immunology and genetically defined disorders. The company was founded by
Professor Dame Carol Robinson to leverage her pioneering work in native mass spectrometry,
in studies of dynamic protein assemblies, to characterise challenging drug targets including
membrane proteins. The high resolution of our biophysical platform offers an unprecedented
advantage in the detection of drug leads.

The company vision is to build an integrated drug discovery company, with biophysical
platform technologies at its core, and develop a pipeline of novel therapies. The ambition is
to develop and ultimately commercialise our products.

Following successful Series A funding, the company is expanding significantly in different
areas. This is an excellent time to join a dynamic growing company.

OMass Therapeutics is inviting applications for the position of Director, Structural Biology.
The company offers a thriving and creative environment for a well-suited candidate to
become an integral part of our future vision.

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, innovative and experienced scientist with enthusiasm for application of biophysical techniques to drug discovery, with a proven
track record in biochemical and biophysical research including structural biology. The position
will require management of biochemists and biophysicists to support recombinant
membrane protein production as well as carrying out structural studies. 


• A PhD in a relevant field with significant levels of work experience. Industry experience
will be preferred.
• Skills in managing multiple projects and capability to prioritise
• Experience in managing scientists of diverse levels of experience
• Extensive experience with membrane protein construct engineering, expression
(mammalian and insect cells) and purification
• Deep knowledge of state-of-the-art structural biology techniques including
crystallography and cryo-EM structure determination
• Familiarity with mass spectrometry or other biophysical techniques
• Skills in managing from different therapeutic targets with clear understanding of
project needs and ensuring delivery of high-quality data with clear communication of
• Ability to work independently and effectively on multiple projects within tight
timelines and to collaborate and work productively in a multidisciplinary

Role Responsibilities

• Provide leadership and expertise in membrane proteins construct engineering,
expression, purification and structural biology
• Work with the mass spec, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology teams to drive
drug discovery projects
• To remain current with protein biochemistry and structural biology technology
developments and formulate suitable strategies and future directions
• Develop novel and innovative approaches to increase expression and improve
purification profiles of membrane proteins
• Establish and maintain strong productive relationships with external partners and

Further information, including how to apply for this role, can be found on the OMass website.

OMass Therapeutics, Oxford, United Kingdom

Director, Structural Biology