Industrial Communities

Instruct ERIC supports the principle of Open Innovation and will engage with Industrial Communities, including Pharma, Biotechnology Companies and Instrument  Manufacturers in the development and application of cutting edge technology in Structural Biology. Benefits to Industry of working with Instruct ERIC include:  

  • Access to complementary capabilities, resources and expertise in the academic community.
  • Opportunity to address longer term and riskier innovations in technology by collaboration.
  • Reduction in the costs of searching for talent and knowledge in academia.
  • Opportunity to represent Industry needs at National and European levels.

Industrial engagement already exists in Instruct ERIC at the Centre level with some well developed industrial partnerships and/or fee-for-service arrangements.  Manufacturers of the technology used in Instruct Centres, including Bruker, Agilent, Rigaku, FEI, Qiagen and Leica Microsystems have worked with Instruct scientists to implement new methodologies and real advances have been made, especially in imaging technologies in recent years.

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