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Webinar: Structural Vaccinology

Date: 10-Apr-2019

Contact: Francesca Morelli

Instruct Partner

Structural Vaccinology approach: the exploitation of the structure knowledge for the rational vaccine design/optimisation

In the upcoming webinar, Professor Lucia Banci of the University of Florence will present structural biology as a tool for vaccine design and optimisation. The webinar, which has been organised as part of the TRANSVAC project, will also disseminate the high-end structural biology services and techniques that are available through the Instruct-ERIC research infrastructure.

Lucia Banci is internationally renowned for her contributions to structural biology and biological NMR. It was through structural biology approaches and NMR techniques that Lucia developed Structural Vaccinology: an innovative approach to vaccine design, based on knowledge of the structure of the pathogen antigens and the interaction pattern with antibodies. By this approach, Lucia has provided an essential contribution to the development of a vaccine against meningococcus B, and Structural Vaccinology is now being exploited in the early stage development of vaccines targeting other pathogens.

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Florence, Italy

Webinar: Structural Vaccinology