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Instruct-ERIC and START: Furthering Structural Biology in Africa

Registration Date: 29-Feb-2020 to 23-Mar-2020
Date: 24-Mar-2020

Contact: Natalie Haley


Important notice: Event will no longer be held face to face but will continue as a virtual meeting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please connect remotely to this meeting via GoToMeeting


Join us to find out about how Instruct-ERIC and the START project can help researchers in structural biology and the life sciences.

Instruct-ERIC is the European Research Infrastructure for Structural Biology, providing training and access to high-end structural biology facilities through our centres of excellence. This event is organised together with the GCRF START project (Synchrotron Technologies for African Research and Technology and aims to further the relationship between Instruct-ERIC and structural biologists and other life scientists in South Africa.

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This workshop is organised satellite to the Africa-Europe Symposium on Research Infrastructures, an event bringing together research infrastructures and policy makers from Africa and Europe to build collaborations. Find out more about the symposium at



Time Session Speaker
  Welcome and introduction  
14:00 Host introduction to the workshop objectives Trevor Sewell
14:15 Address by Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town Sue Harrison
14:20 Instruct-ERIC: Introduction to Instruct, operational model and benefits of membership (access to facilities, expertise, training, R&D awards) Dave Stuart
  Examples of Structural Biology Research in Africa and technologies available through Instruct-ERIC  
14:50 Cryo-EM Jeremy Woodward
15:05 X-Chem fragment screening platform Erick Strauss
15:20 Structure-based development of drugs for hypertension and heart failure Ed Sturrock
  Examples of Structural Biology Research in Africa  
15:40 START: Opportunities for Instruct-ERIC and START to work together Gwyndaf Evans
16:00 Future plans and pathway to membership Susan Daenke
16:15 Meeting close  

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Instruct-ERIC and START: Furthering Structural Biology in Africa