Instruct-ERIC Events

A celebration of Instruct-ERIC: achievements, impact and expanding  ambitions

Date: 16-Sep-2020

Contact: Marysa Chapman


Instruct-ERIC has established a strong reputation for enabling cutting-edge and integrative structural biology, by delivering state of the art technology and quality training to an increasingly international community. This event will celebrate the achievements of Instruct, recognising the hard work and commitment of the consortium, staff, supporters and users. It will also be an opportunity for us to share our vision for the future, working with the support of colleagues to continue to facilitate science that is driven by excellence, and enabling and implementing transformative technological development.

“A celebration of Instruct-ERIC: achievements, impact and expanding ambitions” will be hosted at the Maison Grand Place, Brussels, on 16 September 2020.

Further details of the event will be released in due course.

Maison Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

A celebration of Instruct-ERIC: achievements, impact and expanding  ambitions