Working with industry

Instruct infrastructure can deliver an economic benefit for Europe by facilitating research from pre-competitive early research through to translational approaches. Instruct is keen to work with industry and offers access to its infrastructure on fair terms for industrial users.

Facilitating access to the most advanced technologies provides an invaluable resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Instruct can provide cost-effective access to technologies, that may not be available to the industrial user in-house, through a single process. Potential commercial users should browse the catalogue and contact the Instruct office for further information on availability and costs. Depending on the facility, access may be in person, including hands-on support, or remote. Service access is available in some cases.

Our specialized training courses are also open to industrial users - please check with us for availability and cost. Instruct aims to provide all activities and services to the industrial sector at a fair cost, and aims to establish strong relationships with industrial partners as part of the Instruct sustainability plan.

Instruct has well-developed partnerships with manufacturers of the technology used in Instruct Centres, including Bruker, Agilent, Rigaku, FEI, Qiagen and Leica Microsystems. These companies have worked with Instruct scientists to implement new methodologies and real advances have been made, especially in imaging technologies in recent years.

Instruct funds a rolling programme of a small number of pilot research projects that focus on innovative technology and is keen to promote collaborative proposals for these awards between academic and industrial researchers. The next call for these awards will be in the summer of 2016.

If you or your company are interested in working with us, please contact the Instruct Coordinator;