Scipion CryoEM Image Processing Tutorials

Scipion, developed at the Instruct Image Processing Centre in Spain, is an image processing framework to obtain 3D models of macromolecular complexes using Electron Microscopy. This series of webinars will guide you through Scipion using worked examples, allowing you to apply this technology to your own research. Scipion is freely available and further information, including how to download Scipion, can be found on the I2PC Scipion website.

Introduction to Scipion


Quo Vadis Scipion

Duration: 1 hour

Using Scipion for Stream Image Processing at CryoEM Facilities

Duration: 38 minutes


Scipion for Facilities

Duration: 40 minutes




Scipion: Linear Picking

Duration: 9 minutes

Tutorial on Xmipp highres

Duration: 1 hour


Xmipp: Particle Picking

Duration: 9 minutes






Beta Galactosidase Tutorials

Part 1: Micrograph Processing

Duration: 33 minutes

Part 2: Particle Picking

Duration: 22 minutes

Part 3: 2D Classification and Initial Volume

Duration: 18 minutes

Part 4: 3D Reconstruction and Validation

Duration: 27 minutes




EMBO Course on Scipion

Ribosome processing 1: Micrograph Processing

Duration: 30 minutes

Ribosome processing 2: 2D Classification and Initial Volume

Duration: 45 minutes



Scipion Web Tools

Scipion Web Tools: Integration with Power Fit

Duration: 3 minutes

Scipion Web Tools: Movie Alignment

Duration: 6 minutes


Scipion Web Tools: Local Resolution

Duration: 6 minutes

Tomography Plugins and Tools in Scipion

Duration: 32 minutes