Who qualifies for Instruct funding?


Instruct provides access to some of the best expertise and infrastructure for Structural Biology in Europe.

Who can submit a proposal to access Instruct infrastructure?

Academic Users: Any scientist can submit a proposal for access. Researchers from an Instruct Member state qualify for Instruct funded access. A list of Instruct Member countries or regions can be found on our Countries page.

Other users can access Instruct infrastructure through the following routes:

Academic users from outside the Instruct Member countries:

1. Collaborative proposals with an applicant from an Instruct Member country: must include at least one co-applicant from an Instruct Member country. Proposals submitted through this route must include an agreement between all co-applicants on proportional accreditation of the work in publications and data ownership and acknowledgement of Instruct support. Contact the Instruct helpline if you need further information.

2. Pay for access: researchers from outside the Instruct Member countries may apply on a pay for service basis. The fee levied will be at an 'academic rate' which is paid directly to the Instruct Centre. Publications arising from access through this route must acknowledge support from the Instruct Centre.

Commercial Users: Any scientist from a commercial pharmaceutical or biotechnology company can apply.

1. Precompetitive (non-proprietary) research: The proposers must agree to publication of data arising from the access (a publication delay can be negotiated to allow IP and patent processes), and the academic fee will be levied by the Instruct Centre.

2. Proprietary research: Users own the outcome of the work and there is no requirement to publish. A commercial fee will be levied by the Instruct Centre. IP issues must be agreed before commencement of the access.

For Academic users, the funding provided by Instruct to successful proposers is defined in detail. Other funding sources may be available to cover access costs. Users and platforms should ensure that all parties understand and agree the costs involved and the reimbursement available before work commences.

Publication of research: Instruct has a policy to publish data arising from non-proprietary research undertaken using Instruct infrastructure. Publication should include an acknowledgment of Instruct. For acknowledgement text requirements and template presentation slides please see Acknowledging Instruct.