Instrument booking in ARIA

As part of the growing number of services offered by ARIA, that is the software that powers the Instruct access and facility management service, cloud-based instrument booking is being utilised by a growing number of centres globally. If your centre is using ARIA to manage it's machine booking you can continue forward to view the calendars and place bookings. Alternatively you can submit a proposal for access either using the facility's own access routes or through any one of the european infrastructures or transnational access providers hosted within ARIA.

Submit a proposal for access

If you are looking to visit a lab outside of your own you will need to submit a proposal for access before you can gain access to machine booking.

Book a local machine

If you want to book a machine local to your lab or one through some approved access continue forward here. Not all facilities utilise ARIA's booking management, so you may want to enquire with either your local or host facility manager as to how best to book your time.

Maximise your facility with intelligent cloud booking from ARIA

Remote or visit access

Each of your service/technology within your facility can be configured as either remote or visit access, with individual configurable workflows. Checkpoints can be created and customised for remote access or visits can be scheduled and managed with the user.

Quick start-up

Using ARIA you can get your facility management running quickly and easily. With no need to setup or install any software you can be ready for access the same day.

Calendar overview

Simple but powerful tools are available to quickly schedule and manage your facility to maximise output and streamline access.

User training & permissions

Highly configurable booking permissions intrinsically linked with machine training and access.

Simple notifications

Email notifications of booking confirmations and changes to keep users in the loop.

Many more features

More information about additional features will be added soon.