Joint Instruct-ARBRE MOBIEU Workshop: Analysis and optimisation of sample quality for cryo-electron microscopy and other structural techniques

The Joint Instruct-ARBRE MOBIEU Workshop, held in Brno, Czech Republic, in February 2020 was attended by structural biologists looking to improve their skills in sample analysis and optimisation for structural techniques, in particular Cryo-EM. Training highlighted the importance of basic protein quality control as well as buffer and storage optimisation, using quick and relatively cheap techniques, to save precious Cryo-EM time. The workshop combined practical and theoretical sessions to provide the trainees an understanding of the relationship between sample quality and structural technique output, as well as practical knowledge of sample preparation.

The training school school was organised by Instruct-ULTRA and ARBRE-MOBIEU (COST Action CA15126).

The lectures given during this event can be found below.

Importance of sample quality for downstream experimental studies

Duration: 25 minutes Presenter: Arthur Sedivy

Expression systems for production of protein complexes

Duration: 30 minutes Presenter: Peggy Stolt-Bergner

Methods to determine sample homogeneity

Duration: 27 minutes Presenter: Alexander Fish

Sample optimisation for single particle cryoEM with ProteoPlex and Massphotometry

Duration: 27 minutes Presenter: David Haselbach


Analysis of protein folding by CD spectroscopy

Duration: 28 minutes Presenter: Arthur Sedivy

Sample quality studied by mass spectrometry

Duration: 24 minutes Presenter: Ondrei Sedo


Analytical ultracentrifugation as a technique to assess the sample quality

Duration: 25 minutes Presenter: Jan Komarek


Cryo-EM techniques overview

Duration: 32 minutes Presenter: Jiri Novacek

Optimising the sample preparation for Cryo-EM studies

Duration: 55 minutes Presenter: Holger Stark