Instruct funding

Instruct currently has 11 national members with total committed financial support exceeding €285million. Most of this comprises in-kind contributions to provide and maintain the infrastructure at Instruct Centres as well as staff to support users to achieve good outcomes from their access experience. Members also support the Instruct Hub which has a total annual income of €550,000.

Instruct will add value to this investment through optimising the use of this infrastructure and the co-ordinated development of future technologies. As structural biology technologies develop, further investment in new and upgraded equipment will become necessary at new or existing Centres and Instruct can provide a vehicle to help member states target their investment in new infrastructure, or upgrade and extend existing infrastructure to maintain competitiveness. Where vital new structural biology infrastructures are too expensive for individual member states to develop, Instruct is well placed to coordinate the development of this expensive new infrastructure on a pan-European basis, taking into account relevant scientific, technical, commercial and geographic factors.

Instruct is able to fund access, training courses, R&D awards, fellowships and internships from its central funding. Although limited in scope, these activites are already offering real benefit to Instruct members as exemplified by more than 44 peer-reviewed publications that cite Instruct as contributing to the work.

Further information about the Instruct Access process is available here.