Instruct Access Management Workshop

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  • To share experiences and best practices on delivering access to research infrastructure
  • Demonstrate Instruct access reimbursement procedures connected to ARIA access workflow with a hands-on approach.
  • Increase understanding and collect feedback on ARIA (Instruct access to research infrastructure system)
  • Set up networking and training opportunities for research infrastructure access managers within Instruct and Instruct-ULTRA


The workshop will include a combination of presentations and hands on demonstration.


Welcome and introductions

Darren Hart and Claudia Alen Amaro


Instruct access reimbursement procedure overview

Lorraine Gough


Research Infrastructure access management through ARIA

Callum Smith


Nanobodies4Instruct access management

Els Pardon




Coffee Break and ARIA future development preview

Instruct ULTRA

Instruct-ULTRA aims to accelerate the expanded implementation of Instruct by opening up to new members in Europe and partnerships at the global level and a sharp focus on increasing the effectiveness of user access to key technologies, working as appropriate with manufacturers.

Participant list



Claudia Alen Amaro

Instruct Hub/Organiser

Lorraine Gough

Instruct Hub/Organiser

Callum Smith

Instruct Hub/Organiser

Els Pardon

Instruct -BE/Speaker

Miroslava Zbrankova

Instruct CZ

Fred Vellieux

Instruct CZ

Jiri Novacek

Instruct CZ

Katerina Vagnerova

Instruct CZ

Hana Hejnalov√°

Instruct CZ

Crucifix Corinne

Instruct France 1

Pierre Poussin-Courmontagne

Instruct France 1

Darren Hart

Instruct France 2/Speaker

Patrick Celie


Ludovic Renault


Susanne Roodhuijzen


Barth-Jan van Rossum

Solid State NMR Centre

Hanna Oksanen

Virus Production Centre

Hongmin Tu


Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano

Image Processing Centre

Shira Albeck

Instruct Israel

Tamar Unger

Instruct Israel

Yoav Peleg

Instruct Israel

Nicola Harrington

Instruct UK

Yuguang Zhao

Instruct UK


The workshop will be held on May 24th, 2017, at 13:00 - 15:30 in Meeting Room 4

The event foregoes the Instruct Biennial Meeting 2017

The venue for the meeting is International Best Western Hotel, Brno

For booking accommodation, please contact us at

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