Costs of access covered for approved Instruct users

The complete model for Access funding includes the following components:

  1. The cost of the infrastructure, its maintenance, instrument running costs and support staff will be funded through each Centre’s institutional funding (the“Facility Cost”).
  2. Consumables for Access work will be reimbursed where no other support is available (the first type of “Support Cost”)
  3. Travel and accommodation for Access visits will be reimbursed where no other support is available (the second type of “Support Cost”)

The definition and cost of a standard Unit of Access is available for each service/technology on the Instruct hub: costs are provided for the academic rate (users must agree to open publication of results) and non-academic rate. Multiples (and fractions) of units may be scheduled and can be charged accordingly. In all cases, the amount of Support funding available from Instruct will be agreed before work commences; in cases where the costs of access are in excess of the Instruct support available (for academic users),the user may be asked to cover the extra costs from grants or other means.

A cap on Support Costs: Instruct funding for Access to each service/technology (at the academic rate) is capped at €1500 per visit. This apply from proposals submitted after the 1st of May 2015, previously the cap was at €1100 per visit. This can be split between the following costs:

  1. Consumable costs, generally allowed to claim up to €1100 per access visit or project (which will comprise a specified number of access units to achieve an agreed experimental outcome).
  2. Where an Access visit is scheduled, reimbursed costs for travel and accommodation up to €400 within mainland Europe and €600 for Israel will apply (within this limit, eligible accommodation costs are capped at €80pppn). No subsistence costs will be reimbursed.

Instruct will accept some flexibility in the costs claimed per access (for example, where travel costs can be covered by other means or no travel is required, the total amount of Instruct support funds (€1500) may be claimed against consumable costs, with justification).

Extended Access*: If, when undertaking Access work, it is apparent that more Access is required to achieve a satisfactory outcome, agreement must be obtained from the Instruct Moderator to fund the extra work through Instruct, and approval from the service/technology to supply the extra access. If pre-approval is not obtained, the User continues at the risk of incurring charges that will not be eligible for Instruct reimbursement.

Before submitting your proposal or starting your access project, please check with the Instruct Hub if you are unsure of the costs that Instruct will cover.

Reimbursement of Support costs:

To receive Instruct funds for access consumables, each Centre should invoice Instruct Academic Service Ltd for consumable costs. Instruct may ask for justification for costs claimed.

Users should book and pay for their own travel and accommodation for access visits. Costs will be reimbursed by providing Instruct Academic Services Ltd with the completed reimbursement form and receipts up to the maximum value.

Access to Instruct-related infrastructure through other EC programmes

Where an approved Instruct proposal nominates Access work by a service/technology that is funded through Biostruct-X, Instruct will route the proposal through to Biostruct-X (subject to approval). iNEXT will start operations from September 2015 and the likewise, relevant Instruct proposals will be routed to iNEXT where appropriate.

  1. iNEXT: This programme funds access to NMR, EM and X-rays for Translational research for all European scientists. Access will be available from September 2015.
  2. BioStruct-X: This programme provides funded access to synchrotrons and related activities for all European scientists. Access will end in February 2016.

Proposals can be made to Instruct for any infrastructure service/technology(ies) listed in the Instruct catalogue. Instruct access is available to users from Instruct Member countries regardless of national boundaries. Users may apply to access an Instruct Centre in their own country if equivalent standard facilities are not available free at their home institution or a national centre. Trans-national access is also eligible.

Industrial users and users from outside the Instruct Member countries may apply for access on a 'pay for access' basis. In some circumstances, industrial users who are based in Instruct Member countries and who agree to publish their results openly, may apply for access at the academic rate, but will not qualify for Instruct support funding. For further information about funding eligibility please enquire here