Instruct-ERIC Communications Policy

Version: 1.0

Date: 4 December 2019

Author: Instruct Hub

1. Introduction

Instruct-ERIC recognises that consistent, effective and appropriate communications, both external and internal, are essential for Instruct to achieve its aims and objectives, and to maintain its reputation as a publicly funded organisation. This document outlines the policy underpinning Instruct-ERIC Communications, and should be read in the context of the Instruct-ERIC Statutes and with reference to Instruct-ERIC’s Privacy Policy.

2. Definitions

Terms and phrases in this policy shall have the meanings ascribed to them below:

  • “Instruct-ERIC Hub” refers to the administrative offices of Instruct-ERIC whose role is to coordinate the provision of infrastructure access
  • “Instruct-ERIC Centre, or “Centre” is the Centre located in an Instruct-ERIC Member country and which may comprise more than one Institution
  • “Communications” refer to all internal and external written, graphical and oral communication of ideas, knowledge and information.

3. Scope

This policy applies to everyone working with and on behalf of Instruct-ERIC, including Instruct-ERIC Hub employees, Instruct Centre Managers and Instruct Executive Committee Members.

4. General Principles

4.1. All communications are important and need to be considered carefully and implemented with professionalism. External and internal communications form part of strategic and business planning, as well as the delivery of projects, services, and training.

4.2. Instruct-ERIC aims to foster a culture that encourages transparency of communication, clarity of style and the sharing of best practice and expertise across the organisation.

4.3. Everyone working on behalf of Instruct-ERIC has a responsibility to foster good communications, both internally and externally.

4.4. High-quality information about plans, projects and programmes of activity are distributed by Instruct-ERIC to ensure that all stakeholders are well informed.

4.5. The visual identity of Instruct-ERIC, as shown through all its print and digital communications, are clear, coherent and consistent with its vision and mission.

4.6. External and internal communications through e-mail, meetings and telephone calls are thoughtful, respectful, efficient and well-disciplined.

4.7. Communications must not:

  • breach any laws or ethical standards
  • disclose confidential information
  • harass, bully or discriminate against anyone
  • make false or misleading statements
  • defame or disparage Instruct or any person associated with Instruct.

4.8.Communication activities are monitored and evaluated periodically in order to refine and improve outreach.

5. Responsibilities

5.1. Everyone working with and on behalf of Instruct-ERIC is expected to comply with the Communications Policy;

5.2. The Director is responsible for the overall clarity, coherence and legal compliance of communications from Instruct-ERIC;

5.3. The Instruct Hub has responsibility for:

  • receiving and dealing with media requests regarding Instruct-ERIC
  • developing and maintaining the content of the Instruct website
  • using official Instruct-ERIC social media channels
  • producing a regular newsletter detailing Instruct activities
  • compiling the Instruct-ERIC Annual Report
  • overseeing the use of Instruct branding
  • monitoring legal compliance of Instruct communications eg GDPR
  • producing official Instruct-ERIC print materials.

5.4. Instruct Centres have responsibility to inform their national user base and to disseminate communications from Instruct in all areas.

6. Procedures

6.1. Guidance with internal and external communications is provided by the Press Guidelines (Appendix 1), Regulations and Guidance for the use of Social Media (Appendix 2), Style Guide (Appendix 3), Branding Guidelines (Appendix 4), Communications Risk Assessment (Appendix 5), Requirements for Websites using the Instruct-ERIC Brand (Appendix 6) and Privacy Policy;

6.2. Instruct-ERIC’s Style and Branding Guidelines (Appendices 3 and 4) define the values and the associated design style to be adopted in all external communications;

6.3. Any materials, including social media accounts and websites, using the Instruct-ERIC brand must obtain prior approval of the Instruct Hub Coordinator. Additionally:

  • any social media accounts must adhere to Appendix 2 - Re gulations and Guidance for the use of Social Media
  • any website must adhere to Appendix 6 - Requirements for Websites using the Instruct-ERIC Brand.

Failure to adhere to any of these requirements would be considered a breach of policy.

7. Breach of policy

7.1. Implementation of the Communication Policy will be monitored by the Instruct-Hub;

7.2. Breaches in compliance will be reported in the first instance to the Instruct Hub Coordinator and referred to the Director as necessary.

8. Review

The policy will be reviewed every three years by the Instruct Executive Committee.


Appendices available to Instruct staff on request.