Bringing together the bio-medical scientific communities: the role of research infrastructures

Event Info

Conceived as a round table, this event is co-organized by iNEXT and West-Life in the frame of the 2nd iNEXT Annual Meeting, and will take place in Brno,Czech Republic, on May 24th.

The round table aims at developing ideas to foster usage of Research Infrastructures and therefore to increase their impact and role for innovation.

Participants includes key representatives of several BMS RIs and H2020 health related projects and will discuss on the exploitation of Research Infrastructures in the area of Biomedical Sciences, both physical and electronic, by European researchers working in biological and biomedical sciences:

Serena Battaglia (ECRIN); Niklas Blomberg (ELIXIR); Steve Brewer (Edison); Antje Keppler (EuroBioImaging); Hugh Laverty (IMI); Vitor Martins dos Santos (ISBE); David Morrow (EATRIS); Bahne Stechmann (EuOpenScreen); Merlijn Van Rijswijk (Phenomenal).

Starting points for the discussion will also include the recent surveys carried out by the CORBEL project (which gathers all the present BMS ESFRI RIs) as well as, independently, by the EC ( An additional survey focusing on structural biology ( has been prepared in the frame of the H2020 e-Infrastructure West-Life.


Introduction to iNEXT (Lucia Banci) - 15 mins

Introduction to West-Life (Antonio Rosato) - 15 mins

Presentation by participants (10 mins each) - 90 mins

Round table discussion - 60 mins

The roundtable discussion will be an open session and all iNEXT participants are welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion.

About West-Life

West-Life is a H2020 Virtual Research Environment project that will provide the application level services specific to uses cases in structural biology, covering all experimental techniques (e.g. Xray, cryo-EM, NMR, SAXS), enabling structural biologists to get the benefit of the generic services developed by EUDAT and the EGI.


About iNEXT

The iNEXT (infrastructures for NMR. EM and X-rays for Translational research) consortium aims to provide user access to a range of advanced and integrated structural biology technologies with the goal of promoting bio-sciences (medicine, technology and materials). iNEXT will help users to translate innovative research to the development of innovative therapeutics and diagnostics and contribute to the engineering of biotechnology tools and materials.


The Round Table will be held on May 24th, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.

The event foregoes the Instruct Biennial Meeting 2017

The venue for the meeting is International Best Western Hotel, Brno

For booking accommodation, please contact us at