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What is Instruct?

Instruct is a pan-European research infrastructure in structural biology, making high-end technologies and methods available to users.

Structural biology is one of the key frameworks on which we interpret molecular and cellular functions. The main experimental technologies are complementary, and increasingly link detailed atomic structure with cellular context.

Structural biology is currently in the middle of a revolution enabled by significant advances in the tools (direct electron detectors in EM, advances in synchrotron sources and detectors, XFELs, ultra-high field NMR, super-resolution cryo-light miscroscopy). 

Who can gain access to Instruct infrastructure?

Access to the Instruct infrastructure, expertise and methods is available to all researchers from Instruct Member countries

Access is granted subject to scientific peer review and is available either:

  1. for basic or pre-competitive research (users agree to publication of data; access is funded by Instruct)
  2. on a service basis for commercial use (user access is on a fee for service basis; no obligation to disclose or publish data)

Access to Instruct infrastructure can help advance your research – >150 peer reviewed publications acknowledge Instruct infrastructure. Apply now

Access policies for Users and Centres