Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration (AARC2)

The AARC2 project aims to address policy and technical interoperability gaps that prevent researchers from accessing the whole research and infrastructure service portfolio with one login (SSO), regardless of where this takes place in the ecosystem. By enabling SSO among infrastructures, scientists worldwide will be able (using their existing credentials) to seamlessly and securely access infrastructure services, reducing administrative overhead and improving international collaboration.

AARC2 builds on the work successfully done by the AARC project, which is laying out the foundations for the AAI to become a transversal infrastructure to serve the needs of all European (and beyond) scientists across all research areas. The proposed work also takes into account the research infrastructures and e-infrastructures requirements gathered during the AARC project and the requirements that have emerged from the use-cases included in this proposal.

The main objectives of the AARC2 project are:

1 To enable federated access in selected research communities

2 To assist research communities to map their requirements to a concrete service offer

3 To support research infrastructures and e-infrastructures to implement the recommendations of the AARC Blueprint Architecture and Policy Framework

4 To offer different levels of training as appropriate to enable communities to deploy and adopt AARC/AARC2 results when designing new services

5 To enhance the blueprint of the integrated architecture by supporting additional features