4th Instruct Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop

Instruct-ERIC's 4th Annual Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop was held remotely in 12-13 October 2020. The event was hosted by the Astbury Biostructure laboratory in Leeds and sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific. You can watch the talks from the main sessions below.

Day 1

Session 1: Facility focus   00:00

Chair - Rebecca Thompson
Ludo Renault, NeCEN
Sonja Welsch, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

Session 2: Single particle sample preparation   56:29

Chair - Pascale Schellenberger
Tom Burnley, STFC
Michele Darrow, Chameleon
Stephen Muench, Time-resolved EM

Session 3: Computational pipelines   2:08:52

Chair - Carlos Oscar Sorzano
Misha Kudryashev, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

Day 2

Session 4: Facility focus   00:00

Chair - Dan Maskell
Daniel Clare, eBIC

Session 5: Microscopy methods   27:47

Chair - Wim Hagen
Erica Margiotta, EMBL
Max Maletta, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Session 6: Image processing and analysis   1:09:22

Chair - Giuseppe Cannone
Michael Cianfrocco, University of Michigan
John Rubinstein, University of Toronto

Session 7: Challenges in EM over the next year   1:57:35

Chair - Rebecca Thompson
Open discussion session