3rd Instruct-ERIC Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop

The 3rd Annual Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop was held in November 2019 at CBI/IGMBC in Strasbourg, France. The workshop provided the opportunity for EM facility scientists, managers and computational experts in academia and industry to gather and exchange knowledge and experience. The talks given at the event can be found below.


Welcome and Introduction: Future National Centre for Biomedical CryoEM 

Speaker: Bruno Klaholtz

Duration: 22 minutes


The cryoWriter: Modular microfluidics for protein isolation, EM-grid preparation, and “differential visual proteomics"

Speaker: Luca Rima

Duration: 40 minutes


Cryo electron tomography workflows at NeCEN

Speaker: Rebecca Dillard

Duration: 34 minutes


In Situ Structural Biology - You bring the samples, we the tools!

Speaker: Philipp Erdmann

Duration: 29 minutes


In situ structure determination using Cryo-FIB-SEM, CryoET and subtomogram averaging

Speaker: James Gilchrist

Duration: 27 minutes


Data acquisition for high-resolution subtomogram averaging: the details

Speaker: Wim Hagen

Duration: 34 minutes


Some aspects of running a large CryoEM Facility: user access and data collection strategies

Speaker: Shaoxia Chen 

Duration: 40 minutes


On-the-fly tilt series processing in Warp

Speaker: Dmitry Tegunov

Duration: 24 minutes


Scipion 2.0 for facilities

Speaker:  Pablo Conesa

Duration: 37 minutes


Opportunities and challenges in cryoEM sample preparation

Speaker: Rebecca Thompson

Duration: 20 minutes