FANTEN (Finding Anisotropy TENsor) is a new user-friendly web tool for the determination of the anisotropy tensors related to PCSs (pseudo-contact shifts) and RDCs (residual dipolar couplings).

FANTEN is mainly constituted by a first part for the upload of the structure and restraints, common to all interfaces, and a second part where three different actions can be selected, briefly summarized as following:

  • “PCS-RDC Fitting (Custom)” – It allows fully customized calculation of the tensor and, for any dataset, the user can define, if known, metal position, tensor orientation, and anisotropy parameters, or any combination thereof.
  • “PCS-RDC Fitting (Smart)” – It allows performing tensor calculation for multiple datasets of PCSs and RDCs and for multiple models present in the PDB file. Moreover, it contains additional functionalities, such as the generation and visualization of the isoPCS surface (in case PCSs are provided), and the estimation of Monte Carlo error on the tensor parameters.
  • “Rigid Body Minimization” – It allows the upload of a second structure and set of restraints, and computes the rototraslation to apply to the second structure to obtain the best agreement with the uploaded restraints.