Webinars and Video Tutorials


In this Webinar Prof. Alexandre Bonvin from Utrecht University talks about "Integrative modelling of biomolecular complexes with HADDOCK" (2016-04-29)


In this webinar Gydo van Zundert, Mikael Trellet and Jörg Schaarschmidt from Utrecht University present on "Robust solutions for cryoEM fitting and visualisation of interaction space" (2017-02-15). The algorithms behind PowerFit and DisVis is described by their developer, Gydo van Zundert, and the portal implementation is presented by Mikael Trellet and Jörg Schaarschmidt. This presentation includes a live demo of the two portals.

Virtual Folder

This demo shows how to select files from cloud storage in the DISVIS portal.


Full processing video tutorials, from movies to a 3D volume using betagalactosidase data. Part 1

The other parts can be found in here.

Take a look at our tutorial videos in the Scipion youtube channel.