My res map (MRM)

Resmap (Kucukelbir et al., 2014) is also implemented in SWT, a widely used algorithm in the cryo EM field which, however, was not available over the web. Indeed, resolution assessment of a 3D map is one of the central issues that has long resisted a satisfactory solution. Various resolution measures for cryo-EM have been proposed in the past decades, being the more popular the so called Fourier Shell Correlation (FSC) procedure. However, and in spite of much work, FSC cannot easily assess locally varying resolution, which may be caused by sample heterogeneity and image processing errors (Cardone et al., 2013). An alternative solution is Resmap, which has already proven its value on multiple density maps.



Embedded help guiding our users through the items to click (steps) to get a local resolution map providing already data and finalized results (3 different datasets).


You need to provide (import) a volume, or 2 halves. Once imported you can run the resmap protocol using the wizard that will help you to choose the prewhitening values. As a result you will get the charts detailing the local resolution of your map and a histogram with the distribution of the resolutions.