Scipion Web Tools


Scipion Web Tools (SWT) is a web application built over Scipion framework software, offering access to predefined image processing workflows over the web. The idea behind this approach is to provide users with a set of tools and computational resources they can use easily and try some of the common tasks in cryo-EM image processing. Currently we offer two sections of services, that we refer to as “Single particle analysis tools” and “Reliability tools”.

The first section offers some basic and relatively small workflows that most users will probably need to perform at some point during their image processing analysis workflow. Currently, we are offering three tools: My movie alignment, My first map, and My resolution map. The second section focuses on ways to analyze some quality parameters of maps (gathered under My reliability tool), and a protein interaction explorer tool accessing 3DIANA (Segura et al., 2016) to study proposed atomic models.

SWT are technically a “web wrapper” for Scipion software, therefore it offers most of its features over the web. One of the Scipion features is the ability to easily switch from one Cryo-EM software package to another, allowing users to make the output data from one package, the input data for different package smoothly, thus trying out different software methods without installing and configuring anything.