MX Services

The following online services are available for Macromolecular Crystallography:

  • CCP4 Online

    8 pipelines for structure solution by macromolecular crystallography from the larger CCP4 suite: Ample, Balbes, Crank2, MoRDa, MrBUMP, Shelx, Simbad and Zanuda, as well as an interactive utility jsPISA. Login using ARIA is possible.

Cloud-based access to the CCP4 software suite

  • CCD

    The Protein Crystallisation Construct Designer (ProteinCCD) is a tool to help deciding how to choose promising constructs for protein expression and crystallisation.


    PDB-REDO is a tool for macromolecular structure model optimisation. This can be done for user supplied data and ready-made models are available for each crystallographic PDB entry.

  • ARP/wARP

    Automated crystallographic model building.
  • Auto-Rickshaw

    Automated crystal structure determination via experimental phasing or molecular replacement.
  • IceBear

    The IceBear (Integrated Crystal-data-tracking Enhancing Biochemistry Education And Research) software is designed to help researchers to follow and annotate the results of their crystallization experiments from their desk (or from outside the workplace, anywhere in the world). It is also possible to annotate these results. IceBear will enable tracking of crystal data from crystallization to PDB deposition of the structure coordinates. It aims not only to support home-lab crystallization work but also to integrate seamlessly with diffraction experiments done at synchrotrons and other X-ray sources via standardized data exchange protocols.