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The Division of Structural Biology has a world leading reputation for structural biology research within the University of Oxford, UK

Mammalian Expression system

Producing a functional mammalian protein or protein complex often necessitates using a mammalian host to ensure appropriate post-translational modifications (e.g.,disulfide bonds, glycosylation, phosphorylation) are added to the protein. Expression in a variety of mammalian cells in Strubi utilizes constitutive and inducible expression. Transient expression is the most usual method, but targeted integration vectors for stable cell generation as well as lentiviral delivery vectors for difficult to transfect cells are also in use and available to the access visitor. Adherent and suspension cell lines are available for large-scale protein production. Expression in the mammalian cell system offered through Instruct includes protein purification and can also manage post-translational modification (please enquire).


Nanolitre crystallization, using standard plate technology is the norm to produce diffraction quality crystals sufficient for structure determination. Miniaturization and automation has resulted in the growth of a wider variety of proteins, under a broad range of standardised conditions, that can be crystallized. In Strubi, crystallization can be set up using plate technologies or increasingly, microfluidic and capillary technologies, which allow in situ diffraction both in house and at the beamline, thereby accelerating data collection. Strubi has invested in a high degree of automation, for crystallization set-up, crystal storage and imaging. A range of crystallization screens are available for soluble and membrane proteins as well as crystallization at 5oC.


University of Oxford

WTCHG, Roosevelt Drive

OX3 7LF, Oxford

United Kingdom

Visitor information

The Division of Structural Biology (STRUBI) at the University of Oxford is located about 1.5miles (2Km) from Oxford city centre, next to the Churchill Hospital site. Housed in the Wellcome Centre Human Genetics on the Old Road Campus, it has easy connections with bus and train transport from airports, London and Oxford Centre.

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics has its own busy cafeteria as well as seminar and meeting rooms. Other academic buildings nearby have other catering facilities that may be available to you. There are shops in Headington (the nearest retail area) within walking distance (10-15 minutes from Strubi), and the centre of Oxford is a short bus or cycle ride away.

Oxford is a busy University town and many of the University colleges, museums and exhibitions are free and open to the public. More information about Oxford can be found here.

Flagship Service/Technology at STRUBI:

The Mammalian Expression Facility is dedicated to protein expression in mammalian cells for structural biology.


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Other Services/Technologies at STRUBI:

Instruct provides full use of the Strubi-crystallisation facility for setting up crystallisation experiments and monitoring these experiments via a web-based graphical user interface (GUI). Facilities include setting up screening experiments and also various optimisation methods including grid screens and additive screens. Experiments are typically performed in 100nL sample + 100nL reagent vapour-diffusion format.


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