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Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance equipment available through Instruct at Grenoble include a 950 MHz and several 600 MHz instruments, equipped with state-of-the-art magic-angle spinning (MAS) capabilities, and triple-resonance probes for different rotor sizes and spinning speeds.

Instruments Available:

950 MHz Bruker Avance IIIHD (22.3 T) Special accessory: Automatic sample changer for up to 24 NMR tubes Liquid-state probes: - Cryo TCI (1H, 13C, 15N, 2H), 5 mm, z-gradients (0° Solid-state probes: - MAS (1H, 13C, 15N), 3,2 mm, E-free (νr < 25 kHz) - MAS (1H, 13C, 15N), 1,3 mm, +lock( νr < 60 kHz)

User Guide

For more information, please visit the IBS NMR facility webpage


For iNEXT-Discovery applications

Scientific background, significance and objectives

Please describe the general scientific background for your project, explain - to a non-expert in the biology of the system - why these questions are important, and clearly at the end define your objectives, in terms of the tangible results you want to obtain and the questions these results will help to address.

Project background in your lab & recent results

Please describe previous work in the lab, leading to this request. Please clarify the features of your material for this characterization (e.g. protein crystals, biomaterials, fibrils, lyophilized material etc.) and comment on the sample purity, amount and stability. If you are planning to use experiments that need labeling, please clarify if these are available, or how you plan to make them.

Research required, requested

Please list the NMR experiments you are suggesting, and the conditions you plan to use (i.e. MAS up to … and temperature down to …). For each experiment, please clarify if you have the necessary equipment (e.g. rotors, caps, sealing - some redundancy with above is acceptable). If you need to prepare the samples while on site (e.g. spin-labelling, rotor packing, …) please indicate that. If you are unsure of the optimal method to address your question, please state this openly and use this space to explain as well as possible what are the exact questions that you need to answer; this will not affect your proposal negatively as part of our mission is to suggest the best experiment(s) for answering user questions.

Benefit for health, food, biotechnology or biomaterials

Please include a statement for the immediate or longer-term impact that your research might have in innovations related to the fields above. These do not need to lead to a “product” but to scientific or technical innovations that can be of value for translational research in any of the sectors above.

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Solid State NMR, Grenoble, France


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Adrien Favier
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