Biological samples and associated information

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User Guide


Generally a user interested in retrieving samples should follow the following steps:

  • Use the biobank‚Äôs query interface to search for biospecimens stored at the biobank of interest.

Once biospecimens suitable for the desired study are identified, samples should be requested, presenting an adequate research program that justifies the use of the samples. The project will be evaluated by the scientific and ethical committees of the biobank.

Technical Specifications


Biobanks and biomolecular resources centers are characterized by:

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for sample management.  SOPs should be based on current, published information and revised periodically as new information is generated from ongoing research projects.

Well-defined ethical and legal procedures related to biospecimen collection activities. Best practices in this field should consider: i) respecting the autonomy of research participants; ii) protecting research participants from breaches of privacy and confidentiality: ii) developing appropriate policies for biospecimen use; iv) ensuring that biospecimens are used in scientifically sound research.

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