Production of recombinant proteins and protein complexes in bacterial hosts

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The main steps for bacterial expression include the construction of expression vectors, the transformation of the bacterial host with these vectors, the expression of the samples in the host, and the purification of the samples.

Several different cloning techniques are currently available that enable easy expression vector construction and that are compatible with parallelized and robotized strategies.

Sample expression range from expression of single proteins to the multi-expression of protein complexes. Various sets of expression vectors are available at several Instruct centers that enable sample expression to be carried out.

Technical Specifications

Depending on the users' needs, production of samples can be done at different scales: from small cultures (typically 1-2 ml for initial expression tests), to flasks (0.5-6 liters for standard production), up to large fermentors (10-100 Liters for poorly expressing and/or endogenous samples).

The ease of handling of bacterial hosts and their fast growth facilitates the testing of various parameters during the expression step. This enables the parallelised search for optimal conditions yielding large quantities of good quality samples.

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Instruct has 5 centres offering Bacterial expression across Europe.

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