Structural Analysis

Electron microscopy

Studying biological structures with magnifications of up to 10,000,000x

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Measuring the absorption of electromagnetic radiation

Fast field cycling relaxometry

Providing structural and dynamic information by measuring nuclear relaxation rates

In-house X-ray source

Micro-focus rotating anode X-ray generators equipped with CCD camera or image plate detector are typically used as in-house X-ray source for protein crystallography.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Simultaneous measurement of protein size and mass

Light microscopy

Studying biological macromolecules in the natural environment of a living cell

Native Mass Spectrometry

Universal and sensitive determination of the quaternary organisation of macromolecular assemblies

Small angle scattering

from biological macromolecules in solution

Solid State NMR

Structure and dynamics of bio-solids

Solution NMR

Indispensable for characterizing structures, interactions, and functional processes

X-ray crystallography beamline

3D images of molecules at atomic scale for insights into molecular interactions and biological processes

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